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What’s With College Mascots?

Bears, lions, ducks, steers, badgers, toads, bulldogs, wildcats…
Just about every college or university in America has a mascot. A mascot who is the face, the personality, the symbol of the school. A symbol who is on letterheads and tee shirts and bumper stickers and bobbleheads. Who cavorts around stadiums and prances around arenas. Who appears at events and pops up on television and is featured in magazines and photographed by newspapers… And who raises money for special projects by the truckload.

Whose very being is the image, the face, of the school.

Why? Why a cougar or an insect or some guy on a horse?

Why isn’t the president the face of the school? Or the CEO? Or some nobel laureate?
For the answer to this question we need look no further than to the reigning national champions of college football: the Ohio State Buckeyes, and to their irascible, lovable, mascot. Brutus Buckeye.

Brutus, who has popped up everywhere from Good Morning America to Jon Stewart, as you will see and hear if you happen to tune in to the OSU – Minnesota game on November 7, is celebrating his 50th birthday this year. 105,000 fans will remind us of that when they shatter the Guiness record by singing happy birthday to him on national television. . .

THIS, and the very concept of college mascots, has the makings, I believe, of a terrific, interesting feature story.

Co-author of Autobiography of Brutus Buckeye As Told To His Parents, Sally Lanyon and Ray Bourhis
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2015 has been a big year for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Last January OSU became the first team to be crowned national champions following the inauguration of the first-ever NCAA football playoff system. Then, on August 10, the Bucks were ranked by Sports Illustrated, as the number one team in the Country for the upcoming season. In addition, 2015 is the golden anniversary fiftieth birthday celebration of Brutus Buckeye, OSU’s irrepressible mascot.

Not only has Brutus, from his antics at football and basketball games, his television appearances on programs like Good Morning America and the Jon Stewart show and his many fundraising activities become the face of Ohio State, but some are saying he has morphed into the rabbits foot – the secret weapon – of Ohio State. Brutus, as is typical, is mum on the subject.

To mark his 50th birthday, Brutus’ creators are releasing The Autobiography of Brutus Buckeye: As told to his parents, Sally Lanyon and Ray Bourhis.

The year-long festivities honoring Brutus, will culminate on November 7 at the OSU-Minnesotta game with a Guinness Record shattering performance of Happy Birthday played by the OSU marching band and belted out by over 105,000 OSU fans on national television.

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